SIM Three Phase Simplex Wastewater panel - Pump Control Panel

The SIM control panel will control a 208/240/480V three phase pump in dewatering, sewage and wastewater pumping applications. The simplex panels include integrated electronic control circuitry, an IEC motor contactor and two floats: pump on and pump off. The controls are housed in a NEMA 4X heavy duty polycarbonate enclosure convenient for field wiring.

Model Voltage Full Load Amps
SIM3-1 208/240/480 1.0-1.6
SIM3-2 208/240/480 1.6-2.5
SIM3-3 208/240/480 2.5-4.0
SIM3-4 208/240/480 4.0-6.3
SIM3-5 208/240/480 6.0-10.0
SIM3-6 208/240/480 9.0-14.0
SIM3-7 208/240/480 13.0-18.0
SIM3-8 208/240/480 17.0-23.0
SIM3-9 208/240/480 20.0-25.0
SIM3-10 208/240/480 24.0-32.0


  • UL listed for the United States and Canada
  • Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 4X panel enclosure: heavy duty polycarbonate with stainless steel lockable latches
  • HOA switch for manual pump control and green LED pump run light
  • Control board with power on and auto (HOA toggle position) LED indicators
  • Very low standby power - less than 300mw
  • Universal AC input - 120/208/240VAC with no jumpers or voltage configuring (single phase models)
  • Standard package includes float switches
  • Quick installation and low maintenance


  • Sewage pump chambers, grinder pumps, sump pump basins, and lift stations

Custom Options

  • S1 = Substitute two narrow angle floats for one wide angle float with 20’ cord
  • S2 = Substitute two narrow angle floats for Dial-a-Time pump switch with 20’ cord
  • S3 = No floats included
  • ST = Upgraded enclosure (Stainless Steel)
  • 6P = Upgraded enclosure (6P Rated)
  • 28 = Power On Dry Contacts (Normally Open)
  • 24 = Pump Exerciser
  • DG = Door mounted pump run indicator
  • DH = Door mounted HOA toggle switch
  • C = Additional cord length greater than 20’: Specify after C.
    Example: (SIM1-3-C50) Indicates 50’ cord length for all components
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