Liquid Smart® Panels

Liquid Smart® Panels Liquid Smart® Panels

Liquid Smart® Pump Panels are designed to meet industrial and elevator code special applications that require the responsible removal of oil and water. The systems are setup to automatically pump water to the normal discharge area and pump oil to a secondary containment area.


  • UL Listed for the United States and Canada
  • NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure with lockable latches
  • Pump control visible indicators: pump #1 hand-off-auto (H.O.A.) switch, green pump run light and green power on light
  • Alarm visible indicators: red beacon alarm light, yellow light for oil, white light for water, alarm test and silence buttons
  • Alarm horn sounds at 85 decibels at 10’
  • Complete panel remote monitoring dry contacts: oil, water, high liquid


  • Elevator sumps
  • Electric utilities (substations, power plants, underground vaults, and transformer barriers)
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Any application where there is a need to remove

Custom Options

  • OSA-05 = Oil containment tank alarm. Works in conjunction with alarm interlock pump shut down feature
  • 95-16 = 1.5” NC solenoid
  • 95-17 = 1.5” NO solenoid
  • 95-18 = 2.0” NC solenoid
  • 95-19 = 2.0” NO solenoid
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