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Trident® Industrial Control Panels

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The Trident® control system is an industrial control panel designed to simplify pump stations. See Water incorporates the Modicon PLC for control logic and packs industry communications, such as Modbus TCP and BACnet right out of the gate. The Trident® utilizes a power base that allows for easy overload changes. In addition, these control systems come standard with Seal Fail and Thermal Cutout Pump protection.


Model Description Full Load Amps
TRS Simplex (Adjustable Overloads from 1.25 to 32.0 FLA)
TRD Duplex (Adjustable Overloads from 1.25 to 32.0 FLA)
TRT Triplex (Adjustable Overloads from 1.25 to 32.0 FLA)
(Overloads sold separately: Simplex systems require 1 overload, duplex systems require 2 overloads, and triplex systems require 3 overloads.)
T11 Single Phase 120/208/240 VAC Adjustable overloads 1.25-5.0
T12 Single Phase 120/208/240 VAC Adjustable overloads 3.0-12.0
T13 Single Phase 120/208/240 VAC Adjustable overloads 8.0-32.0
T31 Three Phase 208/240/480 VAC Adjustable overloads 1.25-5.0
T32 Three Phase 208/240/480 VAC Adjustable overloads 3.0-12.0
T33 Three Phase 208/240/480 VAC Adjustable overloads 8.0-32.0

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  • NEMA 3R rated painted steel enclosure with a lockable latch and dead-front inner door
  • IEC rated motor starter with adjustable overload
  • Duplex provides automatic alternation and high demand two-pump operation
  • Pump control visible indicators: 22mm Pump #1 and #2 hand-off-auto (H.O.A.) switch, green pump run lights, red pump fault lights, and power on light
  • Alarm visible indicators: Red beacon alarm light, and seal fail leak alarm test and silence buttons
  • Duplex provides four float operation: Off, Lead, Lag, High-Level
  • Elapsed time meters
  • System Integration: Supports Modbus RTU/TCP, BACnet
  • UL 508A listed
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Wastewater, Stormwater and Industrial Lift Stations
  • Commercial
  • Municipal

Custom Options

  • 5 = Level Transducer, 5 PSI, Max Water Level 11 ft., Type: Wastewater
  • 10 = Level Transducer, 10 PSI, Max Water Level 23 ft., Type: Wastewater
  • 15 = Level Transducer, 15 PSI, Max Water Level 35 ft., Type: Wastewater
  • 20 = Level Transducer, 20 PSI, Max Water Level 46 ft., Type: Wastewater

Note: TRD with transducer will come standard with (3) backup floats.

  • AF = Alarm Flasher
  • AH = Anti Condensation Heater
  • C = Additional Cord Length Per Foot Per Component*
  • CO = Convenience Outlet (User to supply 120 VAC)
  • GR = Generator Receptacle, Includes Transfer Switch (Total Amps 125 Max)
  • IS = Intrinsically Safe - Simplex
  • ISD = Intrinsically Safe - Duplex
  • IST = Intrinsically Safe - Triplex
  • LAD / LAW = Lightning Secondary Surge Arrestor (LAD Delta / LAW Wye)
  • MD = Main Disconnect - Through Door Style
  • PM = Phase Monitoring - Ph Loss, Ph Unbalance, Undervoltage, Overvoltage
  • PX = Pump Portal® Wireless Remote Panel Control and System Monitoring
  • S3 = No Floats
  • SS4 = Upgraded Enclosure (304 Stainless Steel)
  • SS6 = Upgraded Enclosure (316 Stainless Steel)

*Additional cord length greater than 20’: Specify after C. Example: (TRD-T31-C50) Indicates 50’ cord lengths for all floats.

Note: Example when adding options to the TRD panel: TRD-T31-PX-SS4

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