Oil Smart® Single Phase Simplex Panel OSSIM-30

Pumps Water Only, Will Not Pump Hydrocarbons

The Oil Smart® Simplex Panel, when combined with a manual sump pump, will automatically pump water without the risk of pumping oil into the environment. Additionally, the system alerts maintenance or building personnel in the event of a high oil or high water condition. Installation of the Simplex Panel allows you to comply with Elevator Code ASME A17.1 and State/Federal regulations while reducing the risk of adverse publicity, fines and expensive cleanup costs.

Model Circuit Breaker VAC Phase Operates Pumps Up To
OSSIM-30   120/208/240 Single 1HP @ 120V
2HP @ 208/240V


  • Panel and Controls UL Listed for United States and Canada.
  • Pump Control and High Liquid Alarm differentiate between oil and water - Includes Oil Smart®-Pump Control, and Liquid Smart® Alarm Switch, and 20′ Cords
  • Pump Control Visible Indicators: Pump Hand-Off-Auto (H.O.A.) Switch, Green Pump Run Light and Power On Light
  • Alarm Visible Indicators: Red Beacon Alarm Light, Yellow Light for Oil, White Light for Water, Alarm Test and Silence Buttons
  • Alarm Horn Sounds at 85 Decibels at 10 Feet
  • Complete Panel Remote Monitoring Dry Contacts: Oil, Water, High Liquid


  • 10″x8″x4″ UL-50 Type 6P Listing
  • Outdoor/Indoor NEMA 4X enclosure, heavy duty Polycarbonate construction


  • Elevator
  • Electric Utilities ( Substations, Power Plants, Underground Vaults, and Transformer Barriers)
  • Any Industrial Sump or Marine Application

Custom Options

  • AF = Alarm Flasher
  • ET = Elapsed Time Meter w/ LCD display & reset
  • CC = Cycle Counter w/ LCD display & rest
  • MD = Main Disconnect
  • CB = Circuit Breaker
  • S3 = No sensors included
  • 24 = Pump Exerciser - auto cycles pump(s) daily, weekly, or monthly
  • E = 50Hz configuration
  • DPR = Dry Contact for Pump Run
  • C = Additional cord length greater than 20’ specify after C.
    example: (OSSIM-30-OR-C50) indicates 50’ cord lengths for all components
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