Single Phase Simplex Demand WS1P-TP Pump Control Panel

The WS Series® single phase simplex control panel will control a 120/208/240V single phase pump in sewage pump chambers, sump pump basins, and lift stations. See Water simplex control panels come standard with a clear front NEMA 4X rated enclosure, an IEC rated contactor, and a motor protective switch. All panels are UL listed for the United States and Canada, and come standard with a five-year warranty.

Model Voltage Full Load Amps
WS1P-TP-1001 120/208/240 0-7.0
WS1P-TP-1002 120/208/240 7.0-15.0
WS1P-TP-1003 120/208/240 15.0-22.0
WS1P-TP-1004 120/208/240 22.0-28.0
WS1P-TP-1005 120/208/240 28.0-36.0
3-20 ft. Floats Included (Add “S3” for no floats) Example: WS1P-TP-1001-S3

Note: Thermal overload protection is generally provided in single phase pumps. To request a specific overload on the Single Phase Models, contact the factory. Each panel includes a motor protective switch that will provide accurate pump circuit breaker protection.


  • UL listed for the United States and Canada (panel and controls)
  • Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 4X panel enclosure: heavy duty polycarbonate with stainless steel lockable latches
  • Pump control visible indicators: pump hand-off-auto (H.O.A.) switch, green pump run light, red pump fault light with reset button and power on light
  • Alarm visible indicators: red beacon alarm light, alarm test and silence buttons
  • Alarm horn sounds at 85 decibels at 10 feet
  • Remote monitoring by dry contacts: high liquid, pump fault, pump run
  • Upgraded pump protection: motor protective switch (branch circuit protection, adjustable overload and disconnect), and a thermal cutout with indicator


  • Sewage pump chambers, grinder pumps, sump pump basins, and lift stations

Custom Options

  • AF = Alarm Flasher
  • LL = Low Level Alarm
  • SF = Seal Failure Circuit w/ indicator lights
  • ET = Elapsed Time Meter w/ LCD display & reset
  • CC = Cycle Counter w/ LCD display & reset
  • D1 = 120V Dry Contacts
  • OP = Opaque Front Door
  • ST = Upgraded enclosure (Stainless Steel)
  • LA = Lightning secondary surge arrestor - must specify LAD/LAW 
  • AH = Anti Condensation Heater
  • PM = Phase Monitoring
  • MD = Main Disconnect
  • FMD = Fused Main Disconnect
  • S3 = No floats option
  • 28 = Power On Dry Contact
  • 24 = Pump Exerciser
  • CO = Convenience Outlet
  • C = Additional cord length greater than 20’: Specify after C.
    Example:(WS1P-TP-1003-C50) Indicates 50’ cord lengths for all floats
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