Three Phase Duplex Intrinsically Safe Control Panel

See Water offers a complete line of premium Intrinsically Safe WS Series® pump control panels. The panels provide intrinsically safe circuit extensions and control one (simplex) or two (duplex) pumps for use in hazardous locations. All systems come standard with NEMA 4X enclosures, visual pump and alarm status indicator(s), HOA toggle switch(es) and auxiliary contacts to communicate with building management systems or dialers.

Model Voltage Full Load Amps
IS-WD3P-4-3021 208/240/480 1.0-1.6
IS-WD3P-4-3022 208/240/480 1.6-2.5
IS-WD3P-4-3023 208/240/480 2.5-4.0
IS-WD3P-4-3024 208/240/480 4.0-6.3
IS-WD3P-4-3025 208/240/480 6.0-10.0
IS-WD3P-4-3026 208/240/480 9.0-14.0
IS-WD3P-4-3027 208/240/480 13.0-18.0
IS-WD3P-4-3028 208/240/480 17.0-23.0
IS-WD3P-4-3029 208/240/480 20.0-25.0
IS-WD3P-4-3030 208/240/480 24.0-32.0


  • Industrial pump control panel that is UL 698A approved
  • Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 4X panel enclosure: heavy duty polycarbonate with stainless steel lockable latches
  • Remote monitoring dry contacts: high liquid, pump(s) run, pump #1 fault, and pump #2 fault
  • High demand two pump operation and pump alternation (Duplex only)
  • Upgraded pump protection: motor protective switch(es) included for pump(s) (branch circuit protection, adjustable overload and disconnect), and thermal cutout with indicators.
  • Pump control visible indicators: pump hand-off-auto (H.O.A.) switch(es), green pump run light(s), red pump fault light(s) and green power on light
  • Low amp narrow angle floats with 20’ cords


  • Hazardous locations classified as Class 1, Groups A,B,C & D
  • Sewage pump chambers, grinder pumps, sump pump basins, and lift stations

Custom Options

  • AF = Alarm Flasher
  • SFD = Seal Failure Circuit w/ indicator lights
  • ET = Elapsed Time Meter w/ LCD display & reset
  • CC = Cycle Counter w/ LCD display & reset
  • LA = Lightning Secondary Surge Arrestor
  • AH = Anti Condensation Heater
  • TD = Time Dosing for setting on and off times from .05 seconds to 30 hours
  • MD = Main Disconnect
  • LL = Low Level Alarm
  • C = Additional cord length greater than 20’ specify after C.
    Example: (IS-WD3P-4-3021-C50) indicates 50’ cord lengths for all floats
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