MX-TA Chemical Mixing Treatment Package


The MX-TA chemical mixing treatment package is the ideal solution for dosing chemical into a treatment process or as a standalone chemical mixing station. The chemical mixing package includes an automated pH controlled chemical pump, turbine diffuser, control panel and equipment stand assembly. As liquid enters the tank, the system will function automatically and a prescribed flow of chemistry will be added into the tank. The vortex and flash mixing process will create the perfect environment that ensures complete mixing while the dose is controlled by pH or other specified parameters.


  • Designed for Industrial Water and Wastewater applications
  • Efficient and effective chemical mixing device
  • Equipment Stand Assembly, adjustable stand than can accommodate most tanks from 500 gallons to 2500 gallons
  • Chemical Flash Mixing Diffuser
  • Peristaltic Dosing Pump Pre-Configured for Specific Chemical Recommendations with Probe (PH Sensor)
  • 95-63 UL Listed NEMA 4X Control Panel provides automatic level control and operation of diffuser
  • Tank Level Float Switch and Flow Switch
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