Dial-a-Time® Pump Switch - Adjustable Pump Run Time Switch

Dial-a-Time® Pump Switch

The adjustable pump run time switch is designed for use in general dewatering, wastewater and confined space pumping applications. The Dial-a-Time® is equipped with a 10 position dial that allows the pumping range to be adjusted for the specific need of the job.

Model Voltage Load Rating Type
A120P 120V 60Hz. 16 Amps Piggyback Plug
A120 120V 60Hz. 16 Amps Bare Leads
A240 240V 50/60Hz. 8 Amps Bare Leads


  • Limitless pumping range
  • Directly controls sewage and sump pumps 0 to 1hp (piggyback): Quick installation
  • Compatible with WS Series™ sewage pump panels
  • 10 position dial to select pump run time
  • No moving parts
  • Sensors (316 stainless) resistant to contamination
  • UL Listed and CE Certified

See Water, Inc. manufactures the above product protected under US Patent 8,330,603.

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